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About the Texas Railroad Commission

The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) is a regulatory agency that oversees the oil and gas industry in the state of Texas. Despite its name, the RRC does not have jurisdiction over railroads but instead focuses on regulating the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas.

Issues with the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC)

Texas Railroad Commission Open Hearing 1/30/2024

“The Texas Railroad Commission has a responsibility fundamentally to ensure the viability of our industry, the protection of our environment–not just to property owners but to future generations as well to use this land, and more importantly, protect our ground water, which you (TRRC)  have failed.”

Issues with the Texas Railroad Commission

Regulatory Stewardship Over The Energy Sector

The RRC plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and responsible development of Texas’ energy resources. It issues permits for drilling and production, monitors compliance with environmental regulations, and enforces rules related to well spacing, production rates, and waste disposal. The commission also regulates pipeline safety and oversees the transportation and storage of hazardous materials.

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Restoring The Railroad Commission’s Commitment To Texans

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In relation to the upcoming election, Bill Burch is running for the position of Texas Railroad Commissioner. As a candidate, Burch aims to bring a fresh perspective to the commission and advocate for policies that prioritize environmental protection, worker safety, and the responsible use of Texas’ energy resources. He is committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions, supporting renewable energy development, and ensuring fair regulations that protect both the environment and the interests of Texans.

What Will He Do?

If elected, Bill Burch would work to strengthen oversight and enforcement of regulations, promote transparency and accountability within the commission, and advocate for policies that address the challenges of climate change and the transition to a clean energy economy.