Bill Burch is a globally recognized expert with 23 years of experience as an Oil-well Firefighter  and Engineer. He is the only candidate that can bring integrity, transparency, environmental stewardship and safety to all Texas families. Texas needs Bill Burch on the Railroad Commission.


Bill Burch will uphold the highest ethical standards to rebuild confidence in the Railroad Commission. Bill is committed to strengthening whistleblower protections to ensure that employees can report misconduct without consequences. Higher standards must be put in place to stop illegal business practices and the widespread exploitation of workers, particularly undocumented.

Wellhead spraying water


Improving workplace standards to reduce the high number of accidents and fatalities that still occur in the industry is among Bill Burch’s top priorities. He will ensure adequate safety training and equipment is available to employees. To achieve this, Bill will make sure the Railroad Commission hires more inspectors, and increase their pay. Current understaffing inhibits the ability for the commission to properly regulate the industry.

Large fire on the Deepwater Horizon platform


The Railroad Commission needs to invest in education and vocational training, and under Bill Burch’s leadership there will be programs instituted to improve employee skills. Bill supports the right of workers to unionize in order to advocate for fair contracts. Bill will also advocate for establishment of standardized pay and benefits. It is essential to ensure workers have secure jobs and protections in our transition to clean energy.


To increase trust in the Railroad Commission, they must expand access of public information to stop industry obfuscation of data, like number of oil spills, blowouts, accidents and injuries. Bill Burch will invest in more divers hiring practices by establishing better programs for community outreach. Bill Burch believes the community needs to lead the conversation.

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