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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 66. Bill Burch – Candidate for Railroad Commission of Texas

Bill Burch is running for Railroad Commissioner of Texas to make a change. On this episode, my co-host ‘ i Kristy Kerns and I visit with Bill and dive into his extensive background in oil and gas has how his world travels have brought him to running for commissioner. This is an episode you don’t want to miss. We even discuss Crane County again.

Can a Veteran Oil Man Clean Up the Railroad Commission’s Mess?

Bill Burch is running to raise awareness of groundwater contamination


WE ENDORSE BILL BURCH in the democratic primary for Texas Railroad Commission

We recommend in the democratic primary for Texas Railroad Commission

Texas Railroad Commission candidates vying to replace an incumbent

Texas Railroad Commissioner Race Heats Up: Environmental Stewardship, Transparency, and Accountability at Stake

Regulatory Overhaul and Contested Seat: The Future of Texas Oil and Gas Industry

‘A realistic conversation’: Burch for Railroad commissioner

Front page of the Houston Chronicle

Bill Burch, a drilling engineer and well control expert who is running for a seat on the Railroad Commission, said the developments in Crane County mark a grave milestone.

“This is the first known irrefutable proof that saltwater disposal in the Permian Basin has brought pressure to surface without any well bore tied to it,” he said. “Which is why it’s so significant. We always figured we were a decade or more away from this scenario.”

Part 2 of the Houston Chronicle article

Texas Monthly: The West Texas Rancher Exposing Big Oil’s Buried Secrets

After an abandoned well began spewing toxic, salty water onto her Permian Basin land, Ashley Watt would stop at nothing to determine the cause—and to hold Chevron accountable. 

Will the Permian become a denuded landscape of poisonous ponds and toxic geysers, capable of sustaining intensive oil and gas activity but little else?

CBS7-The Produced Water Problem West Texas News

Crane County Disaster

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State regulators struggle to contain a leak that’s drenching West Texas ranch land with potentially toxic water

Saturday, Bill Burch, Democrat candidate for the Texas Railroad Commission, stopped off for a campaign event at Los Compadres in hopes of contacting local voters ahead of the Tuesday, March 6 Democrat Party Primary.

Liberty County Democrat Party Chair Michael Mark and Democrat candidate for the Texas Railroad Commission Bill Burch at a meet and greet in Dayton. Contributed Photo

In a powerful display of commitment and expertise, Bill Burch, a Democratic candidate for the Texas Railroad Commission, shines a light on a critical yet often overlooked aspect of Texas politics: the responsibility and influence of the Railroad Commission.

In this eye-opening episode of Power of the Permian with Breezey Clark, we dive into the heart of Texas energy politics with Bill Burch, a seasoned oil and gas professional and Democratic Candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner.

Railroad Commission claims ‘gas leak’ to hide produced water destruction

Produced water pouring out of a 300-foot crevice in Crane County just south of Highway 329 was first reported on December 7, 2023, about 400 yards away from an abandoned oil well that erupted in a 200-foot geyser in January 2022 –– the Texas Railroad Commission reported that it had stopped the flow about six months later. An aerial picture at the time showed two containment pits dug by the RRC. This picture of the same site was taken near dawn on January 9, 2024. Photo courtesy of Pecos Enterprise 



Bill Burch running for Texas Railroad Commission during the Fin Feather Fur Food Festival hosted by the American Association of Drilling Engineers in Humble Texas. #oilgas #energy #podcast

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Bill Burch Live

Mother’s Against Greg Abbott Virtual Voter Guide

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